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Since Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak first began flirting in Season 2 of the superhero drama Arrow, fans figured it was only a matter of time before the two became a couple. Unfortunately, that union didn't last very long as the pair split in Season 4 after approximately nine months together.

Season 5, however, gave the shippers plenty of hope with flashbacks to an interlude with the couple — and some open, honest communication while Oliver and Felicity were trapped under the Arrow Cave. And the final glimmer of promise came in the season finale when Felicity kissed Oliver before they had to go their separate ways:

From what told TV Guide, fans aren't the only ones ready for the will-they-or-won't-they question to come to an end.

"If she's alive, I hope that they reconcile the involvement of William (Jack Moore) and then get married. I mean, he proposed already. He's been sitting around. Waiting. So hopefully that happens."

Of course, as we all know, the path to true love never did run smoothly, as Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed at :

“I’m going to give a very unsatisfying answer to the Olicity fans, which is that we sort of set Oliver and Felicity on a certain trajectory starting with 520, and you saw a little bit of it in 523. We’re continuing it. I will say that the events of the finale did throw a little bit of a wrench into their slow rekindling of their relationship.”

It might be going slow, but who portrays Felicity Smoak might have let the cat out of the bag when she was asked by Entertainment Tonight at Comic-Con to play the game of two truths and one lie for Season 6. She chose to go a different route, giving fans something to mull over with her reply.

“They’re already married, they’re never getting married, they’re getting married.”

Regardless of how long it takes, the odds are ever in the fans' favor when it comes to an Olicity wedding. With Stephen Amell on board, we're pretty much guaranteed to see the couple tie the knot!

Do you think Oliver and Felicity will get married in Season 6?

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