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You could say he's Amell of a guy.

Stephen Amell is undoubtedly one of the celebrity world's most active social media users. The star has spearheaded multiple campaigns for various charities through Facebook and always makes time to interact with fans through Q&As and providing them with regular updates on Arrow's production.

But now Amell has taken to Instagram to let the world know how his wife's love of Coachella changed his views on marriage and helped him to understand her better.

Amell and his wife Cassandra Jean met in 2011 and were married on Christmas Day 2012. The actor has previously posted affectionate captions about his other half on Instagram, but this one was a little extra sweet.

According to him, he was never a fan of Coachella and always took pleasure in jokingly pretending to "hate it for no reason whatsoever," and even told her not to contact him at all during those weekends. But it seems the brief separation from his wife in previous years made him rethink his decision.

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He Admitted He Was Wrong About Not Sharing Interests

Amell admitted that eventually the thought of his wife enjoying herself at Coachella while he remained at home made him rethink things a little. He told his followers:

"That's not how a marriage / friendship / partnership should work. If your Wife (or whatever) loves something, you should love it too. So I did something every spouse should learn to do: I admitted I was wrong and apologized in a very concise sentence with zero uses of the word 'but,' then asked to go. And we went. We did everything she wanted to do and I got to share an experience that brought us closer together because doing something your partner loves always helps you understand them better."

Amell's heartfelt message received praise from his large following, most of whom were touched by the personal story, and his own admittance of the fact that he really enjoyed it as well.

A Change Of View

However, Amell's sweet post caused a few people to ask questions, most notably the panel of . "Do You Need To Like What Your Partner Likes?" became one of the daily topics discussed on the show due to his message, and it got a rather strong reaction from lead-panelist Whoopi Goldberg:

While Goldberg claimed that she did think Amell made the change for his wife's sake, she didn't believe that partners needed to have shared interests, posing the question: how can your other half "miss you if you're always there"? Not all the panelists agreed with her comments, but most of them did relay their beliefs that partners don't need to enjoy the same things to truly understand each other.

However, it wasn't long until Amell heard about the daily topic. In his usual humorous manner, he replied to Goldberg's comments on Facebook, but not without telling us that he was a fan of Whoopi.

Now I don't know about you, but seeing Stephen Amell on The View alongside Whoopi Goldberg would definitely be an epic moment in my book.

All in all, it was still a super sweet gesture for Amell to admit online that his behavior surrounding his wife's love Coachella was wrong. Furthermore, it's always refreshing to see super-sweet, respectful and heartfelt posts anytime he speaks about his loved ones. It really does go to show you that Coachella can change your views on life.

Arrow returns to The CW on April 26, 2017. Watch a sneak peek below:


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