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Just when we thought the hype for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema's adaption of Stephen King's IT couldn't get any higher, this piece of news just took it up a notch. From the very beginning of production, IT's producers have repeatedly promised book fans that this remake would be rated R, and now it's been confirmed.

Looks like director Andres Muschetti hasn't skimped on the terror and gore for this one, as according to Box Office Mojo, the MPAA has given IT (officially known as Part 1 — The Losers' Club) its R-rating due to "Violence/horror, bloody images, and for language." While this doesn't exactly come as a surprise, it does confirm that the team behind the movie are on track to make an adaption which more accurately represents the original source material. Plus, it adds further proof to the claim that Bill Skårsgard's Pennywise made the kids cry on set.

While bloody images and violent horror are to be expected, the MPAA rating hasn't rated the movie for sexual content, which might be a sign that the book's most bizarre and controversial pre-teen sex scene will not be included in the movie — which is probably for the best. The scene takes place after the Losers' Club defeat Pennywise and become lost in the sewers of Derry. After frustration starts to set in, Bev realizes that the group have to "bond" together to become strong enough to escape the labyrinth of sewers — and by "bond," I mean all lose their virginity together as a group, taking it in turns to do the dirty with Bev in Derry's dank underbelly. Look, it makes sense in context...

The movie also looks set to blow the already fear-inducing 1990s adaption out of the water, and introduce a whole new generation to intense coulrophobia. It also sets precedent for King's other many adaptions ,which continue with The Mist on Spike TV, The Dark Tower (which has yet to be rated), and the possibility of a shared cinematic universe. IT is the most anticipated horror movie of the year and will hit theaters September 8, 2017.

Do you think the movie should include the book's controversial sex scene and stay true to the source material or not? Let us know in the comments!


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