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UPDATE: Now that the trailer has been released, Eddie can be seen alive and well in the scene mentioned below. However, this doesn't mean that director Andres Muschietti won't consider deviating from the book, potentially killing a member of the Losers Club in order to surprise fans of the original story.

Director Andrés Muschietti has tortured fans of It (2017) more than Pennywise ever could, forcing us to wait for what feels like thirty years for the release of Stephen King's latest movie adaptation.

Fortunately, three new images have just floated online for us to pore over while we lurk patiently in Derry's sewers. At first glance, these new pictures from It are just as horrifying as we could have ever hoped for, but if you take a closer look, they also contain a few surprises.

Check Out Our Closest Look Yet At The 'It' (2017) Movie Adaptation

It [Credit: New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: New Line Cinema]

The first image is a thing of beauty, contrasting the bright red of the balloon with Pennywise's blood-red lips. While fans are keen to see more of Bill Skarsgård's Dancing Clown up close, the positioning of the balloon makes the image far more striking, leading fans to imagine the that's hidden behind.

It [Credit: New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: New Line Cinema]

The second new image taken from It matches descriptions of a shot from the first trailer, where we can only see Skarsgård's clawed fingers eerily outstretched, ready to grab the children.

It [Credit: New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: New Line Cinema]

The third and final image initially seems to be the least scary of all, reimagining an iconic scene from the book where the children look through old pictures of their town. While fans know that will probably burst in on the Loser's Club just moments later, coming to life in one of the slides, we're more disturbed by the absence of one key member.

From left to right, we can spot Stan Uris (Wyatt Oleff), Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard), Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis), and Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) — but what about Jack Dylan Grazer's character?

Where Is Eddie Kaspbrak?

Jack Dylan Grazer is set to play Eddie Kaspbrak, a pivotal member of the Loser's Club whose asthma makes him an easy target for the Bowers Gang. Given his importance in both the original book and the '90s TV adaptation, it seems strange that Kaspbrak doesn't appear in the image taken from this key scene. While of course Eddie could simply be standing offscreen, there may be a far more sinister reason for his absence.

In 's novel, Eddie stands up to Pennywise at the end of the childhood segment, melting his face with the spray from his inhaler. It's not until the Losers Club finally confront the Dancing Clown in adulthood where Eddie meets his tragic end, bleeding out after Pennywise's spider form bites off his arm. In the TV adaptation, Pennywise kills Eddie in a different way, squeezing him until his ribs break.

Is Eddie Kaspbrak Dead In The 'It' (2017) Movie Adaptation?

What if director Andrés Muschietti decides to surprise audiences by putting his own spin on Eddie's death, claiming his life in childhood? After all, fans already know Stephen King's book and the TV adaptation inside out. To replicate them both, scene for scene, would be a huge disservice for those excited to see a fresh take on the iconic story.

It [Credit: Warner Bros Television]
It [Credit: Warner Bros Television]

During an interview with USA Today, Muschietti hinted that the spectre of death will loom over each of his characters, robbing the Loser's Club of their innocence:

"It happens in the book, this coming of age and kids facing their own mortality, which is something that in real life happens in a more progressive way and slowed down. There’s a passage [in It] that reads, ‘Being a kid is learning how to live and being an adult is learning how to die.’ There’s a bit of a metaphor of that and it just happens in a very brutal way, of course."

Could this "brutal way" lead to the death of a major character earlier than fans would expect? In the same interview, Muschietti also hints at how death motivates Pennywise in his actions:

“It’s a tiny bit of information, but that sticks with you so much. Maybe it is real as long as children believe in it. And in a way, Pennywise’s character is motivated by survival. In order to be alive in the imagination of children, he has to keep killing."

It [Credit: Warner Bros Television]
It [Credit: Warner Bros Television]

Perhaps Eddie's death will extend Pennywise's life long enough for him to appear in the proposed sequel, following the Loser's Club fight into adulthood?

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It's worth bearing in mind that there are numerous, less depressing reasons why Eddie may not have been included in this Loser's Club picture. Perhaps the poor boy has been forced to stay home with his overbearing mother, or maybe his broken arm has taken him out of commission for a chunk of the movie.

However, if it turns out that Eddie Kaspbrak does die in the new adaptation, this would be a killer twist when floats into cinemas on on September 8, 2017. Why does Georgie have to be the only one to die, right?


Where is Eddie Kaspbrak in the It movie adaptation?

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