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We're just hours away from seeing the first official trailer for Andres Muschietti's It (2017) movie adaptation, but Pennywise the Dancing Clown has made a surprise early visit to the party in this new teaser trailer that's just floated online.

Check out our first glimpse of the 'It' movie adaptation in the clip below:

Poor Georgie never did retrieve his paper boat...

"I saw something. A clown."

"Yeah I saw him too."

It [Credit: New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: New Line Cinema]

While we personally didn't see the clown in question, the kids from the Loser's Club sound just as terrified as we'd expect, given reports of Bill Skarsgård's performance as on set. If this horrifying poster is anything to go by, then this makes perfect sense.

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Now that the trailer for is almost upon us, we'll finally be able to decide for ourselves whether 's positive appraisal was right. If the new adaptation is as good as people are saying, then Andres Muschietti's It may prove to be even better than the iconic '90s version starring Tim Curry — but don't hold us to that just yet.


Will the first trailer for It live up to our expectations?

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