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With the first part of the remake of Stephen King's coming out in September, there are all sorts of emotions swirling.

Real clowns are pissed. doesn't care that they're pissed.

Fans of the 1988 novel and the 1990 miniseries adaptation are thrilled, however. And Redditors are, once again, giddy that they've found yet another Twitter-breaking thing to talk about.

The Creepy '27 Years' Coincidence

Redditor kushmasterdank came across this interesting little tidbit concerning the original miniseries, and the upcoming remake:

Credit: kushmasterdank Reddit
Credit: kushmasterdank Reddit

That's right, folks. Not only does the monster return to Derry every 27 years to terrorize the town and eat its children, but, in what could either be the biggest coincidence in movie history, or one of the most genius moves ever, there are also 27 years between the movies!

As usual, Twitter lit up with reactions:

More It Related News:

This isn't the first sweet little clown-related tidbit Reddit has churned out. Just recently, a Redditor decided to do this to his poor, unsuspecting neighbors:

Seriously, what is it with the number 27 and creepy coincidences, anyway?

What do you think this is? A crazy coincidence? Masterful marketing? Or a plot by evil clowns to take over the world? Sound off in the comments!


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