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Much like the ice creams that Brady Hartsfield hands out from his truck, the Mr. Mercedes TV show has become an icy treat for fans of Stephen King, delighting us with disturbing yet faithful renditions of the original source material.

Despite being overshadowed somewhat by a certain dancing clown this summer, Mr. Mercedes has still raced ahead of the competition, becoming one of the best Stephen King adaptations released in recent years. What does this mean for the future of Detective Bill Hodges and Brady Hartsfield though? Will the two continue to drive each other to madness in Season 2, and if so, will this be based on the book's sequel Finders Keepers or continue the original story?

Will There Be A Second Season Of 'Mr. Mercedes'?

'Mr. Mercedes' [Credit: Audience]
'Mr. Mercedes' [Credit: Audience]

Show runner David E. Kelley found Emmy success with earlier this year, but that doesn't mean Mr. Mercedes will be put on the back burner, even though a second season of Nicole Kidman's drama is also on its way.

Although Mr. Mercedes hasn't been officially renewed for a second season yet, plans are already in the works for how the future of the show could unfold, expanding upon the original book trilogy. While speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Kelley revealed that:

"The master plan, which of course is always subject to change, is each book would represent a whole season, and Mr. Mercedes is the first season. Then we'll turn to season two and the second book, but we haven’t congregated as a writing group yet and begun to kick around stories for year two, so it's premature to say anything beyond that. But the concept, in success, is we would do each book as an entire season of 10 episodes."

In theory then, Mr. Mercedes would adapt the story of Finders Keepers in Season 2 before moving on to End of Watch for Season 3. However, Kelley also suggested that there's flexibility here, hinting to the Hollywood Reporter that aspects of the individual book's could be expanded over multiple seasons:

"... in success it could go on beyond that. That's everybody's plan, isn't it? You keep going and going and you keep finding more new stories. But going into this, the idea is that we have three books and in success it would make for three seasons and then, who knows? Maybe longer if we're having fun."

We spoke to star Jharrel Jerome about his involvement about Mr Mercedes and he too reiterated Kelley's words, explaining that viewer participation is essential for the show to be renewed;

"There's no definite on a Season 2, but it's up to everyone watching to make that happen. I do not think that the story should end here though. If anything, I think it's just the beginning. You can tell from Episode 1 to Episode 10, it leaves you wanting more, so hopefully we'll have the chance to give you more."

Whether Mr. Mercedes accelerates forward into multiple instalments or sticks to this trilogy of adaptations, Jerome and Kelley's hopes for the future of the show have provided us with at least some clues regarding the plot of Season 2.

What Is The Story Of 'Finders Keepers' About?

Following the explosive events of Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers begins with a new set of characters who are all embroiled in the death of John Rothstein, a reclusive author who was murdered in 1978. Following this tragedy, the murderer stashes Rothstein's money and notebooks away, intending to use the unpublished manuscripts for financial gain. However, Morris Bellamy is then suddenly arrested and given a life sentence for another crime, leaving the mystery of Rothstein's death unsolved.

Thirty-five years later, a young man called Peter Saubers discovers the secret stash and uses the money to aid his family. Peter's father was disabled in the slaughter that opens Mr. Mercedes, so it's up to his son to keep them all afloat. As he grows older, Saubers realizes the true value of the notebooks, but has to deal with Bellamy who is obsessed with recovering Rothstein's work following his parole from prison. Meanwhile, private detective Bill Hodges and his unlikely helpers are gradually drawn into the mystery too, fighting to stay alive as all of the pieces begin falling into place...

Check out how all of Stephen King's adaptations are connected in the clip below:

What remains unclear is how much of Finders Keepers will form the basis of Mr. Mercedes Season 2 and whether the show would even continue using this name. Despite being a remarkably faithful adaptation of 's work up until now, some surprising changes made to the original text suggest that show runner David E. Kelley could veer off course in future seasons — assuming that will be officially renewed.

From its depiction of real-world violence to pitch-perfect performances from Harry Treadaway and Brendan Gleeson, Season 1 of Mr. Mercedes has helped restore our faith in Stephen King adaptations (of which there are many). If there's any justice in the world, then private detective Bill Hodges will rev up once again to star in a second season that explores the story of Finders Keepers with nary a clown in sight.

What would you like to see happen in Season 2 of Mr. Mercedes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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