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This week, The Mist rolled back to reveal a brand new and creepy AF setting in the form of a hospital where our survivors took refuge. Instead of shifting between locations, Christian Torpe's TV adaptation settled in one place for Episode 5, boldly filling in the gaps through flashbacks which effectively streamlined the story.

Amidst the copious banging, surprising doppelgangers, and buckets of blood on display, 'Waiting Room' was littered with subtle nods and references, some of which might hopefully help us to unravel what the hell is going on. Join us as we explore a variety of Easter Eggs in the fifth episode of The Mist, including a deliberate nod to The Shining, one of the most iconic Stephen King stories ever written.

1. Children Of The Mist

Kevin stumbled across his brother Mike soon after he arrived at the hospital, discovering that he had been attacked by teenagers in the street as the mist approached.

"There was nothing normal about them."

Psychological disturbances of this nature haven't been explored to this extent in previous iterations of The Mist, reminding us instead of the classic Stephen King story Children of the Corn. Observant viewers may have also noticed that Adrian wears a shirt with the satanic number 666 emblazoned across it. Just saying.

2. Mother Nature Is Pissed

It's been mentioned before, but it bears repeating that almost every background featured in The Mist contains reference to nature, symbolizing the outdoor threat that encroaches on our survivors. In both the hospital and Alex's bedroom at home, trees were displayed as a prominent motif, and a picture of the beach can even be spotted on the floor of Kevin's house in one of the episode's many flashbacks.

3. "You're Scared Of Room 237, Ain't Ya?"

The Shining [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Shining [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Anyone who's seen The Shining knows of the horrors that lie behind the door of Room 237 in the Overlook Hotel, so the fact that the "real' Bryan Hunt rested there in Episode 5 doesn't bode well for this character's future. Stephen King purists may also want to check out Rodney Asch's documentary which dives deep into the meaning of , and is even called Room 237 too.

4. Bumping Uglies

While previous versions of focused mainly on violence and fear, the longer running time of this TV adaptation allows the writers to explore deeper facets of the human condition, including our lust for sex. 'The Waiting Room' first dove into this during a flashback where Kevin and Eve played a bit rough in the bedroom, hinting at a darkness in her character that could help her survive in this apocalyptic nightmare.

Lust reared its head once again towards the end of the episode when pansexual teenager Adrian made a move on one of his former bullies. Initially, Adrian was rejected and then subjected to physical abuse, but the persistent boy finally had his way when the bully gave in and the pair had sex together. The Mist has been rather commendable in its political relevance up to this point, but this particular portrayal of LGBT issues is unfortunately rather questionable.

5. Sucker!

Further reference to Pennywise's signature red balloons appeared once again during a flashback to Alex's room. Here though, the balloons became a symbol of hope, subverting the way in which used them in IT to lure children before devouring them.

The most monstrous death that occured this week also paid homage to one of IT's more lurid forms. In 's original book, bully Patrick Hockstetter is killed by leeches that fly out of the refrigerator where he stashes dead animals. Here, Kevin's brother Mike survived amateur surgery only to then be sucked dry by a swarm of leeches that dropped down from the hospital ceiling, dying in the same, unfortunate manner as Hockstetter.

Tune into Spike TV each Thursday to uncover the secrets of The Mist and check back weekly to discover what you missed. What was your favorite scene from the fifth episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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