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Update: King revealed on Facebook that he's not personally behind the viral stunt, but gave it his blessing...

Stephen King is excited for the upcoming release of It, the latest adaptation of his terrifying novel. The story about a group of kids who take on a demonic entity in the form of a sadistic clown is being adapted by director Andy Muschietti, and the film is already garnering great buzz.

And King is showing that he is ready for the film in the perfect way.

Ahead of the film's release next week, a red balloon has made an appearance in the window of 's Bangor home. The floating red balloon is an iconic symbol for the It story, representing the Clown. Watch a local news report below:

The mansion, with its macabre-looking gate out front, embodies King's storytelling, so it is fun to see him get into the It hype.

It, along with a number of King's novels, takes place in the fictional town of Derry, Maine. King's house is a hot-spot for his fans as they tour the area, but the town is also getting into the It spirit. Fans can visit the infamous drain that inspired the scene where Pennywise lured Georgie to the sewers; there is also a King-centric bookstore in town that is showcasing It-themed decorations.

Don't be surprised if more red balloons pop up around Bangor as fans get ready for the film's release. Anyone who has seen the TV adaptation or read the novel knows that red balloons or sewer drains are a whole lot of "nope," so be cautious out there.

It floats into theaters September 8th.

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