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Just like Rule 34 for the internet, there is an old Hollywood axiom that states if there is a story, there WILL be a movie adaptation made of it. The latest to be adapted is Cell, which just found its leading man in (who is becoming a veritable King veteran after his turn in surprise hit, 1408).

Now, the movie has landed its director, and it's none other than Paranormal Activity 2's (Geek Tyrant).

The story focuses on an aspiring graphic novel artist (Cusack) who is trying to reach his wife and son after "The Pulse", transmitted through cell phones, turns people into mindless zombies.

It's hard to say how Williams will do, simply because, well, there's not a whole lot in his history to make a judgment call on his abilities. But Marina Grasic, CEO of Cargo Entertainment, offered high praise for the director:

Tod is a dynamic filmmaker whose work has been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. He brings a unique and exciting vision to Cell that will appeal to audiences worldwide.

Somewhat canned and generic, but still, I like that he apparently has a "unique and exciting" vision for the King film, which, like so many of his previous adaptations, can turn out to be genius films or car-wreckingly terrible depending on the script and the director.

Cell is set to shoot filming in May.


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