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It has been nearly three years since turned to ash before our eyes, and drove a stake into our — and 's — hearts. The show's predictably dramatic finale did what most shows seem to do these days and killed off some pretty major players. While not as divisive as the likes of the Lost or Dexter finales, True Blood still managed to polarize the views of the fans that had stuck with it to the end.

Charlaine Harris wrote 13 books for her Southern Vampire Mysteries series, while developed seven seasons for TV, which is a pretty impressive feat for any show. Making even bigger stars of Paquin and Moyer, True Blood also excelled thanks to the talents of Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård; it was sexy supernatural drama at its best (and sometimes worst). While the dust has long since settled and the vampires have returned to their crypts, there are still those who seem a little miffed at the way True Blood bled out on our screens.

There 'Bill' Be Blood

While the various villains were dispatched along the way, some were rightly saddened that Bill and Sookie didn't get that fairytale ending we had hoped for. Clearly not one to harbor a grudge, Moyer spoke to The Wrap about that not-so big twist and whether or not a time-traveling version of himself would do it differently:

“I don’t know. I think the benefit of hindsight is a great thing that we never get the chance to express or be able to do. I don’t know whether we’d do the same again — I’d think probably not.”

While maybe not as graphically brutal as other HBO fodder like Game of Thrones or Westworld, True Blood still wasn't afraid to wave a wang in front of your face every now and then (Skarsgård) and serving up the network's usual brand of soft porn. Bill was an antihero of sorts from the get-go, and at least Moyer can see the nobility of his death. It could always have been worse, he could've survived to become an Oregon lumberjack:

“You’ve got to end a show some way, and at the time, it was explained to me in an interesting way. And the idea that my character, Vampire Bill, was giving Sookie life by dying, and the fact that he chooses death in order to give her life, is the ultimate sacrifice of love.”

A 'Grave' Mistake?

One thing the show did get right was craft a definitive ending with no real need of a continuation — well, apart from that bearded fellow. Sure, we could carry on with the show's flash forward and explore Sookie's pregnancy with that weirdy beardy, but do we really need to? Speaking of which, Moyer added that he would love the show to get a reboot and is glad that a musical version is still on the horizon; however, when it's your time to go, it's your time to go:

“We had such an amazing time on that show, and it’s very rare that you meet a bunch of people who are so like-minded and have so much fun. There was no ego on that show from anyone — absolutely none — and it made it just the best fun. Those years flew by and were incredible.”

Sadly, you can't get away from the fact that the final two seasons of the show were mired in criticism. Creator Alan Ball was replaced by Brian Buckner as executive producer (who also wrote the finale), and the ratings plunged from around five million per week in Seasons 4 and 5, down to just three for the Seasons 6 and 7. While someone is sure to eventually pick up the novels for a "gritty" reboot or some maligned Netflix original, for now, let's stick a wreath of garlic around True Blood and hopefully keep those vampiric network execs at bay!


What did you think of the 'True Blood' finale?

(Source: The Wrap)


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