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It's no surprise that this year's Sundance Film Festival was once again full of A-list celebrities walking the high-profile event's red carpets to promote their latest movies. This year, however, an unexpected star took to center stage.

is famous to millions as the popularly successful novelist behind the Twilight franchise. Now that's all over, however, she's turned her head to movie producing. Don't worry – she's sticking to the soppy stuff!

Her latest project, Austenland, is based on the book by her pal Shannon Hale, and stars as Jane Hayes, a 30-something single girl with an unhealthy obsession with the Regency world of Jane Austen. In a last-ditch bid to get this out of her system, Jane blows all her savings on a trip to Austenland, a British theme park devoted to all things period, teaming up with the raucous Miss Charming () at the airport. Together they enter a world of needlepoint and corsetry, run by the stern Miss Wattlebrook () in an idyllic country location.

Meyer spoke about Austenland on stage after its Sundance premiere, sympathizing with the movie's protagonist. According to to Yahoo! Movies, Meyer revealed:

I have seen firsthand fanatic fans, passionate people who want to live in that world so badly, who want to be a part of it... I've seen tattoos that scare me to death. I mean, those things are forever. That's not a joke. And I do think people can definitely take that fan love too far. I think it's nice actually to see Jane's journey here, because she realizes this and sort of steps out of it.

I bet she knows about freaky fans. I have never encountered a more, erm... passionate group than Twihards. Meyer also said that while Jane is a hopeless romantic, she's a very different character from Bella Swan, the love-struck teen played by in the Twilight blockbusters:

Bella isn't like this super fan girl... Kristen has her own take on it, but for me, Bella is kind of a homebody. She's very practical, and she doesn't get lost in fantasies.

Like the sound of this Austenland, or did you just want a Bella Swan replacement?



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