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DC's greatest superheroes will unite when Justice League hits theaters in November. The highly-anticipated film will see Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Cyborg come together to take on an evil deadlier than anything the world has ever seen. That deadly evil is none other than the almighty Steppenwolf.

The imposing god, known for being the uncle of the even deadlier Darkseid, undoubtedly sent chills down our spines in the film's San Diego Comic-Con trailer, as he unleashed hell on Earth. But prepare to be chilled even more as new Justice League merchandise has given us a new look at the character.

Reddit user AldebaranTauro uncovered a stock image of a new latex mask of the Steppenwolf's face, giving us the chance to see the Big Bad up close and personal. Check it out below:

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Up Close And Personal

Even with his imposing size and ominous presence, Steppenwolf has been surprisingly illusive, as Warner Bros. had done a great job of keeping the character's appearance under wraps. In fact, we didn't really get our first look at the supervillain until very recently, when a Steppenwolf action figure revealed the character's appearance. Moreover, we finally got to see him in action in the SDCC Justice League trailer.

However, the trailer shied away from giving us a close up shot of the character's face. Whether he was making his grand entrance, wielding his powerful weapon, or being fired away by Wonder Woman, Steppenwolf's face was always obscured.

Thus, the latex mask marks the first time we really get up close and personal with Steppenwolf. With that pointed chin and evil snarl, let's just say that the ruler of Apokolips is even more terrifying up close.

Are you a fan of Steppenwolf's terrifying appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Reddit)


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