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Matt Carter

12 Years A Slave director, is set to make his TV debut, after lining up a project for HBO. According to Deadline, McQueen has teamed up with World War Z co-writer on the as-of-yet-untitled drama described as “Six Degrees Of Separation meets Shame.“ It follows "a young African-American man’s experience entering New York high society, with a past that may not be what it seems." McQueen will direct, with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons producing.

The drama is being fast tracked, with casting currently taking place and HBO looking to get production started before McQueen begins work on any new movie projects.

McQueen is hot property in Hollywood at the moment. 12 Years a Slave is expected to do big things come awards season, while his previous directorial efforts, Hunger and Shame, were both excellent character studies that showcased the directors unique style. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do with the medium of TV.


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