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There are plenty of exciting things about Wonder Woman, from Gal Gadot's brilliant portrayal of the Amazon princess to what looks like a lot of awesome fight scenes, but one thing that really stands out is how the movie is about to reverse most of the common tropes of the superhero blockbuster.

The first female superhero movie for DC, Wonder Woman is also preceding Marvel in giving a woman her own big-budget adventure. Just like some of her Justice League counterparts, she's finally getting her origin story told — and she might be getting a love interest, but that storyline won't take up 90% of the plot. Steve Trevor, the pilot who crashes on Themyscira and introduces Diana to the world of man, has always kind of been her damsel in distress in the comics, and it looks like the movie is definitely integrating that aspect of their relationship. In a new clip from the movie, Diana's bracelets save Steve from being shot.

Watch Diana Rescue Steve In The Alleyway Scene From Wonder Woman

It seems like Warner Bros. has been hearing our pleas to kick the marketing for Wonder Woman into higher gear, because the TV spots have been raining over YouTube like bullets over a battlefield. On Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, introduced a full clip from the movie that we'd caught a glimpse of in the trailers: An alleyway fight where Diana saves Steve's life.

Surrounded by a group of men demanding he hand over Doctor Maru's notebook (which is probably full of formulas for a dangerous chemical weapon), Steve tries to fight but gets shot. Luckily for him, the bullet ricochets off one of Diana's bracelets, whose powers Steve apparently knew nothing of. It's the kind of scene that further establishes that not only does Wonder Woman not need a man, but a man might need her. Revolutionary!

But more than that, the scene goes to show that it shouldn't matter that Wonder Woman is, as her name highlights, a woman. She's a skilled fighter who's "trained her whole life," as the trailers like to remind us, so her being Steve's rescuer isn't some kind of forced promotion of a female hero. That's what she does because that's what she's good at. Director has been talking at length about how important it is to tell Wonder Woman's story as a universal hero, and hopefully that's how she will come across.

Wonder Woman comes out June 2, 2017. Are you excited to see it?


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