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Yep, folks, it’s time to face it: Side Effects is 's last hurrah (HBO’s Behind the Candelabra is still to come), then the director will ride off into the sunset and enjoy an undisclosed different profession. But, before we say 'Godspeed Mr. Soderbergh', there are still a couple of questions we'd like to ask.

Or let somebody else ask for us, as Collider sat down with the director for a little chat. The most interesting part of the interview doesn’t cover Soderbergh’s latest effort though, instead focusing on his virus thriller Contagion. Although the movie seemed like a dense and tightly edited affair, it turns out to be the Soderbergh movie with most material cut.

Contagion had the most material that was shot and cut and never made the movie. There’s 45 minutes of cut material that’s gone.

The fimmaker also states that the scripted version of the movie ultimately didn't work and had to be altered significantly. As Soderbergh is no fan of tinkering endlessly with already released movies of his, the chances of seeing these 45 somehow integrated in an alternative version seem decidedly dim.

The director also talked a bit about his working method, how many takes he likes to shoot etc. Considering that Side Effects might be the last time these methods result into a feature film, fans of the director might take the opportunity to get a bit nostalgic.


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