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posted a full length, heart-felt and gushing confession of his love for the Bond film On her Majesty's Secret Service on his blog Extension 765.

He felt as if the 1969 film, directed by , had been hugely overlooked and not met with the recognition that it deserved.

Here's just a snippet from his 'ramblings':

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the best Bond film and the only one worth watching repeatedly for reasons other than pure entertainment. Shot to shot, this movie is beautiful in a way none of the other Bond films are—the anamorphic compositions are relentlessly arresting—and the editing patterns of the action sequences are totally bananas; it’s like Peter Hunt (who cut the first five Bond films) took all the ideas of the French new wave and blended them with Eisenstein in a Cuisinart to create a grammar that still tops today’s how fast can you cut aesthetic.

There’s a great score by , some really striking sound work, and what can you say about that doesn’t start with the word WOW?

So with such a convicted argument for all of its positives aspects, what could be the reasons for its downfall; other than it being too long?

According to Soderbergh, it's due to:

, but not for the reasons you might think. It feels like everyone was so focused on what he wasn’t () that they didn’t take the time to figure out what he was (a cool-looking dude with genuine presence and great physicality).

Also, he convinces us that he is in love with Tracy... which brings us to another reason OHMSS is so distinctive—it’s the only Bond film with a female character that isn’t a cartoon.

Man, Soderburgh is awesome. If you want to read the full length 'Rambling Discourse' then follow this link: .ulbvnX28.dpu">

Have you seen On Her Majesty's Secret Service? Do you agree with Soderbergh or do you have another all-time-favorite Bond film?



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