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David Latona

What does it feel like to suddenly get rejected by and Dreamworks after already having their commitment secured? Well, it's a pretty common occurrence in Hollywood: a director accepts a project, doesn't like the course pre-production is taking, drops out. Of course, if that director is Steven Spielberg, it may sting a little more, but it still ain't a unique tragedy. Apparently the 66-year-old filmmaker, who in May publicly declared he would take over American Sniper, has stepped out because his vision of the film didn't square with the budget. As is typical with big Hollywood productions, the biggest discrepancies have to do not with creative aspects, but rather in the end it always comes down to the bucks.

Not only is Spielberg out of the game; his brainchild Dreamworks has also jumped ship on American Sniper. The company had teamed up with Warner Bros to work on this biopic about decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Now Warner has to find a new partner to secure the project's survival.

American Sniper has from the beginning been mostly impulsed by young rising star , who will not only perform in the titular role but is also one of the main producers. The script is being adapted by none other than , from source material in Kyle's autobiography with identical name as the upcoming film. Over a ten-year-career, Chris Kyle accumulated the biggest number of kills in Army history as a special ops sniper operating mainly in Iraq. The film also intends to display how being America's best killer affected his relationship with his family and the sad circumstances surrounding his own gun-inflicted death.

Now that Stevie's out, who would you want to helm American Sniper? Which director has the most capable hands to take over the flick? My personal top three right now would probably include , and . What do you guys think? Who's the perfect director for this kind of script? Let yourselves go in the comments below.


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