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If you haven’t noticed: Steven Spielberg is currently directing no movie whatsoever.

The prolific director, who still has enough juice in him to release two films in ONE year thank you, seems a bit hesitant to firmly commit to a new project at this point in his career (although he still is attached to direct the sci-fi flick Robopocalypse once script issues have been resolved).

This deplorable fact could change soon however. According to Deadline the filmmaker is circling Montezuma, a historical epic about the destruction of the Aztec empire.

Set in the 16th century, Montezuma would center on Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez who led the Spanish infiltration of the Aztec empire and consequently crashed violently with the ruler of said empire, Moctezuma II.

The project sounds mightily enticing for several reasons, one of them being that Academy Award winner is interested in playing Cortez (the title might change accordingly to Cortez). Another being the fact that the 50-year-old screenplay for the historical epic is tauted as one of the great unproduced masterpieces of its kind, and written by one Dalton Trumbo, the legendary screenwriter of Spartacus.

, the man who provided Spielberg with the Oscar winning script for Schindler’s List, is currently writing a second draft.

I for one would be pretty darn excited for Spielberg to follow up on his excellent Lincoln with a project as ambitious as Montezuma.

What about you?

[Source: Deadline]


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