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's alien-invasion series Falling Skies will officially return for Season 4 in 2014, Coming Soon reports. The TNT show, which was 5.8 million viewers in Season 3, will return for a 10-episode fourth season next summer.

The cast for this show has always been a good one. ER's Noah Wyle takes the role of the lead human survivor of the alien invasion. , who plays Captain Weaver, has always turned in good work, even in movies that didn't deserve the effort such as Armageddon, as has , the female lead who we saw in Terminator Salvation.

Falling Skies is one of those programs that works better when its characters and the episode's central storyline are occupied by a massive conflict placing everyone in a specific moment, which stops it sliding into soapy territory. And, so far, kicking alien butt seems to have worked out pretty well for the show.

Stay close to hear what the Falling Skies cast has to say at this year's Comic-Con, but what say you? Will you keep watching Falling Skies?


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