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Stanley Kubrick's legendary Napoleon series seems to have finally found a new director, and it's probably not who you expected. According to Deadline, producer has approached none other an extravagant Aussie auteur .

Yeah, I know. What's all that about?

Now Baz Luhrman isn't a bad director, but he's certainly one with his own style — one which might not really be compatible with a penned treatment of one of histories most influential characters. Originally, Kubrick planned his Napoleonic epic to be a motion picture feature, however Spielberg has since developed the project into a HBO mini series. Spielberg stated last Spring:

I've been developing Stanley Kubrick's screenplay -- for a miniseries not for a motion picture -- about the life of Napoleon. Kubrick wrote the script in 1961, a long time ago.

Still a lot of details remain to be finalized. We still don't know whether Luhrmann has accepted the offer or how much Spielberg's vision differs from that of Kubrick's.

There seems to a bit of a vogue at the minute of selecting odd directorial choices for Napoleon biopics. Only a few weeks ago we heard that Snow White and the Huntsman director (and Kristen Stewart seducer) would also helm his own 'Scarface-esque' take on the French military pioneer.

Whatever happens, I'll be surprised if either version can beat the awesome bad-assery of 's own Napoleonic romp, Sharpe.

What do you think? Are you glad with the choice of Luhrmann to direct a Napoleon mini-series? Let us know below.


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