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Mark Newton

When I first heard the title of American Sniper, I had to admit it sounded a little bit corny, but with every passing day, the project seems to get more and more interesting. First, signed on to star and produce, and now he's got some seriously experienced directorial company in the form of himself.

That's right, Spielberg is redonning his warface to tell the tale of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a US sniper who achieved the highest kill count in US Army history. As a result of his actions, insurgents in Iraq placed a bounty on his head and actively singled him out for extermination.

The drama will be primarily based on Kyle's book of the same name, which will further be adapted by Jason Deal Hall. Unfortunately, Kyle's own personal story ended tragically last year after he was killed by a fellow veteran he was attempting to help through post-traumatic stress disorder. It is still unclear whether his part of Kyle's story will also be adapted into Spielberg's movie.

How do you think this is shaping up? Spielberg has obviously proven himself in the war genre, could American Sniper be the next Saving Private Ryan? Let us know below.


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