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Mark Newton

If my Facebook wall is anything to go by, it seems yesterday's unveiling of the Xbox One was not as impressive as we were all expecting. However, it wasn't just the new hardware that was being shown off to the world. Xbox Entertainment Studios also announced a live action Halo series produced by and 343 Studios.

The announcement illustrates that Microsoft seems prepared to jump aboard the new wave of VOD providers which are moving into original content with Xbox One. Both Netflix and Amazon have begun to develop their own shows, with mixed results.

Generally, I think this approach to adapting Halo is perhaps the best. There have been many previous attempts to bring the Master Chief to the big screen (most notably by and ) but all attempts ended in failure. Part of the issue, other than inflated budgets, appeared to be adapting the franchise for a wider audience. Now that Microsoft can more precisely target its audience, perhaps it can deliver a purer product than a potential movie would have been?

This isn't the first time the Halo game franchise has been adapted for the small screen. In 2012, Stewart Handler developed a Halo web-series designed to promote the release of Halo 4. Also produced by 343 Studios, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, was met with mixed reactions on its release. Although the production levels far exceeded other web-series, it was criticized for poor character development and only "adequate acting". But with a big name like Spielberg on-board, perhaps this new Xbox One series will be different?

Is this the best approach for Halo, or would you still like to see a movie?


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