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Still Star-Crossed is off to a rocky start as its viewership continues to decline in its third week on air. Produced by Shonda Rhimes and based on the YA novel by Melinda Taub, Still Star-Crossed has the makings of a hit show. It's got forbidden romance, feuding families, and a kingdom on the brink of chaos. With Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" as the backdrop, the show plans to give audiences a closer look at Verona after the death of Romeo and Juliet.

What Happens In Verona, Stays In Verona

Romeo and Juliet in 'Still Star-Crossed' [Credit: ABC-Disney TV]
Romeo and Juliet in 'Still Star-Crossed' [Credit: ABC-Disney TV]

In the first episode, Still Star-Crossed introduces us to the dying King of Verona, his unprepared heir, Prince Escalus, and his politically savvy daughter, Princess Isabella. Through the royal family, we learn of the great peril that threatens Verona if the feud between the Montagues and Capulets isn't stopped. We see Romeo and Juliet meet their tragic end and learn that it was Romeo's father who indirectly coaxed his son in towards Juliet. He never expected them to take their lives, he only wished for an heir of Capulet blood with Montague name in order to elevate the Montague name and slowly dissolve the Capulet's status in Verona.

Love Or Peace?

It's hard to choose between love and peace. You'd think they'd come hand in hand, but that's not the case in Still Star-Crossed. Prince Escalus must make a decision between his love for Rosaline Capulet or the promise he made to his deceased father of keeping Verona first above all other things. The death of Romeo and Juliet is the catalyst behind his decision to turn his back on love and give Rosaline away to the Montagues. A marriage between the Capulets and Montagues will mean peace for Verona — or so the young prince thinks — but darker plots are yet to unfold as chaos continues to shake the city of Verona.

He Won't Allow It

The big gasp moment in Episode 3 came when Truccio, a distant relative of the Montagues, declares that the feud between the Capulets and Montagues will never end because "he won't allow it." Now, we don't know who he is yet, but from the looks of it, there's more to Verona than meets the eye. All we know is that there's a higher power at work here, someone who's betting on the feud to continue for as long as possible.

It's not quite clear whether this will be a good thing for Rosaline and Benvolio or not. They hate each other, but if they have a common enemy, maybe their apathy will turn to something on the other side of the spectrum.

Are We Tired Of Shakespeare?

Benvolio And Rosaline in 'Still Star-Crossed' [Credit: ABC-Disney TV]
Benvolio And Rosaline in 'Still Star-Crossed' [Credit: ABC-Disney TV]

The pilot episode of Still Star-Crossed brought in nearly 2.3 million viewers. This week that number has gone down to 1.6 million, a 40 percent decrease. Not only has it lost viewership, the show has been moved from its Monday time slot to Saturdays. If things don't change, the show will receive a cancellation date before long.

Though the first season only has seven episodes, I believe there's still hope for this show. This show is like an after-credits scene of a Shakespeare play. Sure, it may fail to surprise us, but at least we get to see Verona, the Capulets, and the Montagues deal with death, grief and chaos. What I think will keep Still Star-Crossed interesting is the supernatural element we saw at the end of this week's episode. Young Juliet's ghost warns her father and disappears into thin air. What perils will our protagonists face and how will they cope?

Love Shakespeare and complicated love triangles? Maybe Still Star-Crossed is for you. Check it out on Hulu or on your local ABC channel.

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