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Scott Pierce

Over the weekend, General Zod went viral in a new teaser for 's Man of Steel. It looked like it was taped on VHS, but that just added to how much it made us want 's Supes to swoop in and save the day. Now, we're even one more step closer to that happening since the third official trailer just hit us in the face harder than his epic battle with Doomsday way back when. The next three minutes are guaranteed to be the best part of your day:

I love how this lightens up on the absolute darkness that we've seen in previous trailers and infuses the sense of hope that this movie should be about. Superman is an American icon that represents the quest for freedom. The world of Metropolis isn't as dark as Gotham. Sure, I'm happy if Snyder and slap in tons of emotional depth, but this is the trailer I've been waiting for since this movie was announced. Even from a visual standpoint, this looks like the most original thing Snyder has done -- even though he's the king of adapting other people's geek material. However, if they actually just joke about calling him Superman -- kind of like how people avoid the word "zombie" in zombie movies -- I'm going to throw my popcorn to the ground.

Launch me into orbit so I can time-jump to when Man of Steel is released on June 14. I can't wait.


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