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Brian Salisbury

is not the first director to become inextricably associated with one genre of film. Many filmmakers have fallen into comfortable routines that define their subsequent projects. So for the life of me I can't figure out why Zombie announcing that his next film will be horror is somehow newsworthy. During an interview with New Zealand's 3News, Zombie stated that his in-development hockey movie Broad Street Bullies had been put on the back-burner in favor of an as-yet-unnamed horror project. He gave these few details on the new flick...

"I think it's something fans of the other stuff will like. Probably fans of The Devil's Rejects will enjoy the most. It's not connected to that film but it's more on that headspace".

What amuses me so much is that there are major horror outlets reporting this as "Zombie's return to horror." Where the hell did he go exactly? He hasn't made a single film in any other genre and his most recent horror movie, The Lords of Salem, was JUST released last year. This is not an event. In fact, I'm disappointed he's now doing this instead of Broad Street Bullies, which sounded way more interesting.

I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the interview though, Zombie is quite open about his first film House of 1,000 Corpses, which he considers by far his worst.

"...just a calamitous mess. Well, when it came out it seemed like everyone hated it. Now everyone acts like it's beloved in some way. All I see is flaw, upon flaw, upon flaw… upon flaw."

Can't say I disagree with him. What do you guys think?


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