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With the news that has potentially signed on to do solo Batman movies, as well as appear in the Justice League Part One movie, I started thinking about some Batman stories I would like to see the writers draw inspiration from for the future instalments. I loved 's more realistic take on the Dark Knight, but that trilogy is done and I think it is time we get the Batman we read and love from the comics. I want to see a Batman who is physically perfect with a near-genius intellect. I want to see the World's Greatest Detective and one of its greatest martial artist. The great thing about Batman is the amount of characters (allies and villains), as well as the history of Gotham City involved within the mythos. The producers have a chance to not just give us a great Batman, but many of the other characters from the Batman Family. So, here are some of the stories I want the movies to take ideas from.

The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls saga is a great story that would translate well to film, in my opinion. If you are not familiar with the story, it is about a secret society called "The Court of Owls." They employ deadly assassins called "Talons" to do their bidding. They have controlled Gotham City in secrecy for several centuries and the first part of the story centers around Batman having a hard time believing they are even real. When Batman finally realizes that they do exist, it is too late and all hell breaks loose. What I love about this story is how it shows the reader a past of Gotham City that we have never read about before. Batman has never seemed so vulnerable and him and the rest of his allies meet their match in the Talons.

Possible Villains - The Court of Owls/Talon, Mr. Freeze

All Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder

I like the idea of this story, not really the story itself. It was refreshing to read about Batman being a crazy lunatic, but that is not the Batman I want to see on film. What I want to see from this story is the introduction to The Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson. At the moment, it seems we are getting a Batman that is already established. If that is the case, we may already have a Robin and possibly a Nightwing. I don't want to see another Batman origin story, but I would like to see an origin story about The Boy Wonder.

Possible Villains - Before the story arc ended abruptly, it was setting up something big with the Joker.


I enjoyed Hush to a certain extent. It would translate well to film if it were planned as a trilogy. I want to see it simply because of all of the characters that are in it. There are so many heroes and villains whose strings are being pulled by Hush, whose strings are being pulled by the Riddler. The issue I have with that is the Riddler is mostly in the background and only brought to the forefront at the end and I think it is about time the Riddler made a comeback as a major villain in a Batman movie. Also, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is great.

Possible Villains - Hush/Riddler in the background with Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Joker, and Harley Quinn in the forefront.

No Man's Land

Nolan almost gave us No Man's Land with the Dark Knight Rises. Maybe some people would think it was similar, but what I enjoyed about No Man's Land was the relationship, or lack thereof, between Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Having Gotham City declared a "No Man's Land" and cut off from the rest of the country after an earthquake, Batman returns after a hiatus as a more focused and determined Batman, but also a Batman who second guesses himself at first. Gordon has been marking and taking over territory like the rest of the gangs and many villains are running around on the loose. Like the Hush story arc, No Man's Land brings a lot of different characters to the forefront. It also would cross over well with Man of Steel or Justice League with characters like Superman and Lex Luthor. I am also biased, because I want to see Azrael make an appearance in the new Batman movies.

Possible Villains - Any and all.

Arkham Asylum/Arkham City

Not only are these some of the best video games ever made, but they are some of the best Batman stories being told. They continue to be told in comic form in the Arkham Unhinged title. The new movies should draw a lot of inspiration from the games and the way the characters look and are portrayed. Batman is at the top of his game as a fighter and as a detective with a lot of experience. Most of the villains are already established and so is most of the Batman family. My only fear is that if this was not handled by the right people, it may become a little Schumacher-ish.

Possible Villains - Any and all.

Have some other ideas? Let me know.


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