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Barb — the underdog of Stranger Things — has come quite a long way since sucking slugs in the Netflix show's first season; and now breakout star Shannon Purser has landed the titular role in an upcoming feature film entitled Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, alongside Power Rangers new Blue Ranger, RJ Cyler.

The movie will be directed by Ian Samuels, who's working from a script penned by Akivia Goldsman's Transformers writer, Lindsey Beer. The plot circulates around a case of mistaken identity that results in budding romance: The high school's most popular girl and its biggest loser come together to win over their crushes. Purser, who's apparently still reppin' Barb vibes, plays a girl who's never concerned herself with looking "hot" or being "cool" — until she ends up in a text-relationship with the man of her dreams and enlists the help of the school's queen to sort her out.

Purser Pursin' [Credit: Instagram]
Purser Pursin' [Credit: Instagram]

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While the plot doesn't exactly sound like it's going to win any Bechdel Test prizes, it might be quite fun, and it's definitely a nice step up for a lady who popped it pretty promptly in .

Season 2 of Stranger Things will return to in July 2017 but until then you can re-watch Barb's harrowing final moments while her supposed BFF is otherwise engaged in the clip below:

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