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Now, 's may have been the biggest sleeper hit of 2016, but that doesn't mean that its journey to the top has come to an end just yet. Not only is the show set to receive a second season later this year, but it seems likely to arrive with the sort of fanfare reserved for only the most eagerly-anticipated of shows. With its young cast having recently played a key part in the 2017 ' opening number, and having become a bonafide modern-day icon, it's likely fair to say that Stranger Things is well on its way to becoming A-List television.

What's more, the final step in its coronation as one of television's top properties might just have happened. After all, you're not really anybody in Hollywood until someone makes some fan art of you as the cast of , right? Right?

Well, either way...

The 'Stranger Things' Cast Just Went 'Star Wars' In This Shiny New Fan Art

[Credit: Michael Maher]
[Credit: Michael Maher]

Which, thankfully, is actually really rather fantastic. Indeed, the piece — created by concept artist Michael Maher — is arguably good enough to act as a proof of concept for what would be a gloriously geek-tastic crossover episode.

Primarily because Dustinbacca is now a thing, and always, always will be.

Anyone else now entirely unable to wait for Stranger Things to have a Halloween episode of some kind?

What do you think, though? Would you watch a Stranger Things/Star Wars mashup? Let us know below!

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