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Last night's on Spike took a visit to the Upside Down, getting a visit from some of Hawkins' most notable residents. Stranger Things stars Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Noah Schnapp (Will), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) each battled it out to be crowned king of the night in some impressive — and, of course, adorable — performances.

Gaten Matarazzo performed Train's "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" while Noah Schnapp also went with a more recent song: Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." Finn Wolfhard, who is no stranger to musical performances and covering popular songs, dug a little deeper with an epic rendition of Weezer's "Buddy Holly":

It would turn out, however, that Caleb McLaughlin would be the ultimate show stealer with this performance of host LL Cool J's "I'm Bad," nailing the look and moves with the backup dancers. The performance would be good enough to crown McLaughlin the winner of the night; I'm sure he earned a few extra brownie points from LL Cool J.

Co-host Chrissy Teigen also got in on the fun of the Stranger Things theme, showing off her version of Barb: big glasses, trapper-keepers and all.

Unfortunately Millie Bobby Brown couldn't make an appearance, but hopefully they can invite her along for a rematch. If there weren't enough to love about this young cast, it is fun to see how well they get along with each other. Hugging it out after every performance just solidifies the fact that they support one another on and off the screen.

Season 2 of Stranger Things hits Netflix on Halloween!

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