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The award for most adorable television cast these days goes without question to the kids in Stranger Things: From breakout star Millie Bobby Brown bravely shaving her head to Gaten Matarazzo fearlessly addressing the reason he's missing his teeth — a bone disease called cleidocranial dysplasia — the actors have demonstrated amazing aplomb and enthusiasm for their young age.

Unsurprisingly, Season 2 has already been confirmed, and the cast have been giving countless interviews here and there. With one of the main selling points of the show being its nostalgia factor, the logical question is how much exactly the younger members of the team know about the '80s. Can they actually identify with the references and style of Stranger Things? Are they familiar at all with the movies of that era? In a live interview at Facebook Media Central, the kids and Nancy — minus Will — took a quiz about the '80s before answering a few questions from the fans.

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Turns out they certainly didn't bathe in '80s classics while preparing for Stranger Things, but they've all seen and beloved The Goonies, E.T. and The Breakfast Club. Millie in particular said she'd studied E.T. as inspiration, which makes sense seeing as Eleven has a very alien-ish vibe to her.

Not all of them could recognize a quote from Top Gun, however, or remember the chronology of Michael Jackson's top hits. But can you really blame them?

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The Kids Are All Born Pranksters, Obviously

In a second part of the interview, they grabbed a few questions from the comments section, from their favorite episode to their sense of humor in real life. Are you surprised to hear Gaten/Dustin was the first one to answer that question and suggest himself? He said:

"It's a tie between me and Caleb."

But if you ask Millie:

"Let's get the story straight: They're just very silly. If you're talking about like, sarcastic humor, I think that would go to me."

'Stranger Things' / Netflix
'Stranger Things' / Netflix

Obviously, they are also all born pranksters, so I'll let you imagine a day on set with 12-year-olds pretending to be sick. To quote Millie, "Matt Duffer was so scared!" But while Millie and Noah (Will) loved to plan elaborate jokes to pull on their coworkers, Caleb's got some wisdom for you:

"You don't have to plan. It's just the natural ability of pranking!"

As for the prop they'd like to take back home, they all agreed that these bikes were pretty rad. And who doesn't? Jokes aside, these kind of interviews just go to show the amazing chemistry going on between these actors, and how incredibly at ease they are with their newfound fame. Their genuine enthusiasm is clearly one of the ingredients that has contributed to the success of the show.

Who's your favorite character in Stranger Things?


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