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Though there have been few things to celebrate in 2016, the unforeseen success of the Duffer brothers' — and the hold this series still has on us — is something to be applauded. Landing seemingly out of nowhere, it took mere days before we flocked to and basked in the show's nostalgic glory, binged its eight episodes back-to-back and reveled to anyone who'd listen about how they HAD to get on board, stat.

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via Netflix

However, while I could still wax lyrical for days about how refreshing the series was in terms of deviating from the typical Hollywood formula of rehashing childhood favorites to cash in on nostalgic feels, we've got far more exciting news on our hands right now: Producer/director Shawn Levvy has just dished a load of dirt on the upcoming series.

  • 'Stranger Things' Season 2: All You Need To Know For The Upcoming Season

Talking to Collider's Steve Weintraub during a Q&A last night, Levvy spoke rather candidly about a number of topics, from being generally pissed that one photo leak spoiled a big reveal, to potential plans for a third series.

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the major points.

Millie Bobby Brown Is Back — But The Surprise Was Ruined

via Netflix
via Netflix

So, as you're all undoubtably aware, filming for Season 2 began this week on Nov. 7th, and with it came images of new cast members and confirmation that will be back. However, the breaking of this news didn't exactly go to plan:

“We are filming in Atlanta again. I feel like that’s how the Millie Brown thing leaked because someone saw her trick r treating in Atlanta. I was so bummed about that because Netflix had this really clever idea of taking a picture at our table read last week and posting it upside down, which is what we did. But then like two days before our clever idea got to debut, a bunch of places were reporting that Millie was gonna be a part of Season 2.”

Damn you, internet!

This is the clever picture in question, FYI:

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The Release Date — 'You Can Do A Little Math'

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via Netflix

It's rather obvious to point out that the Duffers & Levvy were given a heads up about Season 2 before the official announcement, but it actually seems as though they've known about it for a while:

“We were given the wink-wink, ‘You guys should seriously start thinking about what you wanna have happen in Season 2’ before it was announced.”

Which means they've been working on the narrative for quite some time, and thankfully they're approaching the project in the same manner as Season 1 — because if it ain't broke, why fix it:

“We are a little superstitious so just like last year, [the Duffer brothers are] doing 1 and 2, I’m going in and doing 3 and 4. So the first four are gonna kick off exactly the same as last time… I am going to start prepping right around Thanksgiving and I’ll be filming my episodes through December and January.

This is super promising news for anyone worried that the ridiculous level of success they've experienced this summer would trickle into arrogance and an over-ambitious approach. Hurrah!

via Netflix
via Netflix

So, when can we expect it to land?

“That I can’t say. I do have a sense of it. It was promised when we announced that we were picked up for Season 2 and we gave those chapter headings, I believe it ended with ‘Coming in 2017’ and that much is true. You can do a little bit of math, we’re not magicians so there’s no way it launches in Spring since I just admitted we started filming today, and we’re doing nine.”

By that then we can reasonably deduce that Stranger Things Season 2 will hit Netflix around the same time as Season 1 — late summer/start of fall 2017, a.k.a the time we turn our bedrooms into caves and start preparing for hibernation.

Here's the teaser trailer to get you in the mood:

Will Hawkins, Indiana Return To 'Normal' In Season 2?

Lol, don't be stupid. Still keeping his cards close to his chest, Levvy didn't reveal any major plot points, though he did confirm the world that the residents of Hawkins, Indiana once knew has changed for good — especially for the Byers clan:

“I’m not gonna say how much time has gone by. It is not the next day, I’ll say that. And there are several new characters who I think several of them are going to be new fan-favorites because they’re great, great new characters. But we are definitely sticking primarily with our core group, and what is different, how are they changed from the experience of last season… maybe ‘normal’ is never possible again.

“Will Byers was in that Upside Down for a while. So Season 2 is about this determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins, in the Byers family, in that group of friends, and it’s the struggle to reclaim normalcy and maybe the impossibility of it.”

via Netflix
via Netflix

Stranger Things Season 3 - The Future Is (Kinda) Planned And Full Of Hope

Trying not to get too carried away with this one as Levvy's statement below is far from a signed, sealed, delivered note that Stranger Things Season 3 is a-go, but still ARGHSH the excitement:

“We are not gonna be caught off guard and we don’t wanna be making stuff up like the day before we have to write it and make it, so we are definitely optimistic and we have started thinking ahead.”

GOOD. Because if Season 2 is as awesome as we're expecting — and, by the looks of the new cast additions (Mickey from The actual Goonies and LOTR's Samwise, no less) it will be — the third installment can't come soon enough.

What did you enjoy most about the first season of Stranger Things?

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