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Since releasing on Netflix this summer, Stranger Things has proven to be a huge hit. However, what you may be unaware of is a show by the very same creators called Wayward Pines. Before they brought Hawkins to life, The Duffer Brothers created another seemingly picturesque town with dark goings on. In fact, it has just finished its second season. If you love Stranger Things you owe it to yourself to check out Wayward Pines.

The influences on Wayward Pines are clearly some of the same as Stranger Things. The most significant inspiration on the show is Twin Peaks. Even the entrance to the town looks like that of David Lynch's classic mystery.

In contrast, there are inspirations for Wayward Pines that are not present in the Netflix exclusive. The artificial aspect of the town echoes The Truman Show. At night when the mist drifts in it visually resembles Silent Hill. Supernatural happenings and conspiracies in a quaint place liken it to the works of Stephen King.

Also, there is a feel similar to the horror video game series, BioShock. Perhaps it is the oppressive regime attempting to maintain order. It is the dangers of a utopia. This show is a joy for mystery and science fiction fans, it will parallel so many other products you love.

Wayward Pines has a really creepy but fun vibe. This is just a fun watch with a unique atmosphere and a bizarre world. You grow to love the sight of that little town even though you know there are suspect things happening. This is genius as that is the sensation that the residents have.

I found myself hooked from the moment that Burke tried to leave, but ended up back on the road in. I was drawn in even more by the idea of the entire town hunting the fugitives; it really felt like BioShock there. The insane residents were like the Splicers.

If you are a fan of mystery or science fiction, Wayward Pines is definitely worth a look. This is the show that The Duffer Brothers cut their teeth on. It is actually an adaptation of a book trilogy, they just brought it to the screen. Matt and Ross Duffer honed their style with Wayward Pines preparing for the critically acclaimed Netflix series.


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