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Are you an avid collector? One who visits local stores or conventions and scourers the internet for the latest exclusives? Or maybe you just like to adorn your desk or office space with a few cute little vinyl figures made from your favorite pop culture characters?

always seems to read our minds when it comes to new pop vinyl collections. They even engage in fan Q&As regularly on social media where they get asked about upcoming releases and give hints on what collections they would love to do next. One particular show must have been on everyone's mind including Funko's. The show that became the biggest and most-talked about hit of the summer — that's right, .

There is no surprise that Funko would set their eyes on creating a set of Stranger Things pop vinyls but there is always roadblocks. Licensing and approvals are always an issue; there is also of course the fan demand. Back in August, Funko teased us with prototypes of Eleven and Barb but revealed that they needed help from fans in order for them to be produced. Well, everyone's wishes have become reality because an entire set of pops were revealed exclusively through Entertainment Weekly.

First, we see three sculpted versions of the central character, Eleven. After ditching the wig from spending time alone in the woods, we see the young girl with psychokinetic abilities holding her beloved Eggo waffles. You can also see her nosebleed which occurs after she exerts her powers. There will also be an Chase version with her wig and a Hot Topic exclusive of her underwater gear.

We will also get a pop vinyl for each one of the kids, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. There will also be a ThinkGeek exclusive version of Upside Down Will.

When Funko polled fans for which characters they would like to see besides Eleven and Barb, Dustin topped the list but behind him, fans demanded to see the Demogorgon in Pop form. There will be not one but two options, a Chase version of the closed face and a creepy open-faced monster. Head over to Entertainment Weekly to see them all!

The new set of Funko Pops will hit the shelves in early 2017. Depending on how well the first wave does (I would assume very well), do not be surprised to see more characters in the future!

Sources: Funko, Entertainment Weekly


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