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No one can deny that Stranger Things took the world by storm, and no other freshman show from last year has even come close to touching it. It is no surprise that green-lit the hit for Season 2, even buying out a ridiculously expensive $5 million spot at this year's Super Bowl.

Out of the series' principal cast, one of its most notable fan-favorites is Dustin, everyone's favorite curly-haired Dungeons and Dragons geek in Hawkins. Thanks to ComiCONN, I was able to have a quick two-mintue chat with , the actor behind the character, giving hints for the upcoming season and beyond.

Gaten's Hopes For The Future Of His Character

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

Where do you want to see your character go in Season 2 and beyond?

"Beyond, I kind of want to see his character's history and dive into it a little more. Like where he's from originally because he moved to Hawkins in the fourth grade. So that would be cool to find out where he is from."

It would be really interesting to see if there is more under the surface of Dustin's character regarding his backstory. His future, as well as his past, will definitely be touched on in upcoming seasons, but whether the past is as integral as Matarazzo hopes is something that is yet to be seen.

What You Should Look Forward To The Most In Season 2

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

Speaking of the future, what do you think fans should be most excited for in Season 2?

"I'm looking forward for them to see the new characters cause like Sean Astin has joined."

Love Sean Astin

"Paul Reiser has also joined the cast, really wonderful guy. Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery are in it too."

Oh yeah that's right! How's Dacre In It?

"Yeah, Dacre is great. He was the Red Ranger in the new Power Rangers movie and Sadie was in shows on Broadway when I was doing it as well as Caleb [McLaughlin] was. It's gonna be really cool."

Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Paul Reiser (Aliens) and Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers) all already have a lot of geek cred when it comes to knocking it out of the park in their respective franchises. I'm sure they'll do the same when the step into The Upside Down this fall.

As for their characters, Astin will be portraying Joyce's new boyfriend, while Montgomery and Sadie Sink will come into the fold as siblings Billy and Max, the former being known for his abusive nature. Though Reiser's role has been kept under wraps, the actor has admitted to Entertainment Weekly that the character is very much an homage to Burke from Aliens. So, Alien fans, take that as you will.

Broadway Versus Television

What's the primary difference between performing on Broadway and performing on television?

"There is a routine of Broadway, and on TV there is not."

Which one do you consider harder?

"It depends on the aspects of it. Performing-wise? Broadway. Schedule-wise? TV."

Before Stranger Things came into his life, Matarazzo was primarily known as a child Broadway actor, starring in the 2014 revival of Les Miserables as Gavroche. Being only 11 at the time, we all know where he turned up next.

Let's Talk About That Teaser

What can you tease about the spider monster at the end of the trailer?

Gaten Matarazzo: "Scary. I can tell you that it's scary. That's really it. That's really all I can tell you."

Scary. What more do you need?

Stranger Things Season 2 debuts on Netflix this Halloween. What do you hope to see in the upcoming season?


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