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Ever since released in July, the young cast have become an online sensation, gracing talk shows and red carpets with their adorable presence. 12-year-old actress has clearly gotten her breakthrough, and she's been running from convention to interviews to stylish photoshoots.

She's also appeared in a music video, following in Noah Schnapp's footsteps, and now Finn Wolfhard has joined the trend with a role in the latest video of Canadian punk rock band PUP. Take a look below for the three videos and sweet performances by the Stranger Things actors.

1. Finn Wolfhard in 'Sleep in the Heat'

Finn — who plays Mike on the show — stars as a young band member on the road who finds an unexpected best friend.

Speaking to Vulture, Wolfhard stated that he loves to make music, too:

"As of now, I really want to record something and play live, get something out like an EP. I really see some sort of future in music because I love it so much."

He also explained how natural it'd felt for him to work on this video, and that he was hoping to make many more:

"When I first started, when I did the first scene, I was like, 'This is my job,' and then I'd come in for scene two and I'm already ready. I don't stop being ready. Sometimes I forget it's a job."

2. Millie Bobby Brown in 'Find Me'

The simple video, combined with Brown's expressive face, will tug at your heartstrings.

3. Noah Schnapp in 'LA Devotee'

First as Will, then as the main character of the latest music video by Panic! At The Disco, Noah Schnapp keeps disappearing!

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Who's your favorite Stranger Things kid?

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