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Being a child star is certainly never easy, and especially when you rise to fame overnight. After the overwhelming success of Netflix's new sci-fi '80s show Stranger Things, whose heroes are all too young to have witnessed the release of E.T., the internet understandably couldn't get enough of the adorable cast. Talk shows, red carpets, award ceremonies, they are invited and loved everywhere.

At the center of the attention is Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, a girl with supernatural powers, and has been immensely praised for her talent. Her bubbly personality and her excitement to be in the spotlight are charming, but it's no surprise that being a star at 12 years old can be complicated at times.

The Hollywood Reporter is indicating that while Brown is looking for an agent to sign her after Stranger Things, her dad Bobby Brown is demanding fees up to $100,000 to agencies who expressed an interest in his daughter. Professionals who shared this news with THR were quick to point out that this isn't common practice in the industry — usually, actors should be happy to get an offer from an agent, and not the other way around.

Let's hope this unusual request won't prevent her from signing with a good agent. After the whole Brown family reportedly struggled to make ends meet when they moved to America to support Millie's acting dream, she's finally gotten her breakthrough role with Stranger Things. And while we don't know yet if she'll be in Season 2, her performance will clearly attract plenty of opportunities.


Do you think Brown's dad is right in demanding a fee to sign her with an agency?

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