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It's safe to say that Stranger Things took us all by surprise when it was released last year. The show may have come out of nowhere, but the impression it made on fans worldwide has left a lasting impact. After debuting on Netflix last July, the horror series went on to become one of the streaming service's most successful shows and made stars out of each of its child actors.

So, when you think about how successful the show really was, it's pretty easy to see why fans are incredibly excited for its upcoming second season. However, as it won't debut until Halloween (nearly a year and a half after the first season), it's understandable that you may not remember all the details from Season 1.

But, fear not, as Netflix have released a quirky, unique recap of the show's first season. Check it out below:

The Perfect '80s Throwback

Without a doubt, Stranger Things is the perfect mashup of the 1980s. From its spellbinding score to the horde of clever references to '80s films that were woven into the plot by the Duffer Brothers, the show is undoubtedly the perfect tribute to the colorful decade.

Given what we know about the series, this recap video from Netflix is downright perfect for the show. With boisterous video game sound effects reminiscent of Pac-Man and life-changing character choices between each level, the video is an exceptional throwback to the world of 1980s arcade games. But the heavily pixelated number scores (complete with a jackpot sound-effect in the background) are the icing on this '80s themed cake.

The refresher not only gives us a worthy recap of Stranger Things Season 1, it pays tribute to the decade in which its set. Complete with video game sound effects, purposely dated scores (which look hilarious against the HD footage) and plenty of Eggos, this recap would make arcade regulars Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas proud.

Did you enjoy the refresher of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below!


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