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When the Duffer Brothers series Stranger Things debuted on Netflix last year, many viewers were bewitched by just how successful the series was at channeling the retro 1980s feeling. They nailed pop culture Easter Eggs and touchstones of the time period, and the cinematography had a Spielberg vibe that echoed his movies of the time.

The marketing campaign for Season 2 of the series isn't laying off the '80s nostalgia factor, either, as has been slowly releasing a series of posters that are homages to other classic film posters in preparation for the second season.

While a Stranger Things twist on the classic Jaws poster is the latest, we've had a number of reference posters already that including Evil Dead, Alien, Firestarter, and many more.

These classic horror film homages are a testament to just how great is at knowing exactly what it is and being unapologetic about it. The fact that the show's marketing can fit so well with all of these different film posters is really something special. It's a nod to how versatile the series is.

We still have a little less than two months until season two premieres on October 27th, so keep your eye out for any more posters that might drop from now until then. Who knows what other horror classics Netflix will mix with Stranger Things.

What is your favorite 'Stranger Things' retro poster so far? Leave a comment and let's talk about it!


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