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If there's one television show that's shrouded in secrecy right now, it's . The uber-success of the hit show has guaranteed the Duffer Brothers a second season, and the pair wasted no time in teasing fans with a cryptic sneak preview of what we can expect from Season 2. Fan speculation ensued, and we have been left to wonder what our return to Hawkins will look like after the events of Season 1 — and who will (and won't) be returning.

Season 2 will pick up one year after the events of Season 1, and while plot points and spoilers are still up for speculation, we do have our second concrete look at Season 2 courtesy of Millie Bobby Brown () and Stranger Things TV:

Don't hurt yourselves! We flipped the pic:

Instagram: @milliebobby_brown
Instagram: @milliebobby_brown

The pic shows us that read-throughs have commenced, and Season 2 is officially in production! It also shows the return of most of the core cast and fan favorites, including Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and the beloved psychokinetic 12-year old Eleven!

The Whole Gang's Back Together!

Expect more , more camaraderie and more awesome bikes because Dustin, Mike, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Will (Noah Schnapp) are all coming back for Season 2. While the foursome united happily at the end of Season 1, Will's trip to the Upside-Down left him with some possible PTSD and slug-induced sickness, which is likely to play a big role in his character development as the season unfolds — he is the 'Boy Who Came Back To Life,' after all.


After months of speculation, Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven will also returning (how could she not?!), despite vanishing into thin air when she took down the Demogorgon. Does this mean we will be heading into the Upside-Down once again, or a whole other dimension entirely?

More Stranger Things news & speculation:

Will Nancy Stay With Steve?


When Nancy (Natalie Dyer) chose Steve (Joe Keery) over Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) at the end of Season 1, her decision was an unpopular one. Yes, Steve sorta redeemed himself — but slut-shaming her all over town was not at all cool. From the cast snap, we can clearly see that all three are returning, so it's possible that Jonathan and Nancy may still have some unfinished romanic business. It's also High School, and anything can change in a year.

Barb is Definitely Not Coming Back


Obviously, the absences are as telling as the attendees. While Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) are confirmed but not pictured, the absence of our beloved Barb (Shannon Purser) means that she is not likely to return in any dimension. Her ruthless killing-off in Episode 3 caused some outrage for its complete lack of compassion. Poor Barb might be gone, but fans have made sure she will not be forgotten, and hopefully Season 2 can right its wrongs regarding her character... looks like they already have:

As the image only shows the kids of Season 2, the jury is still out on the return of Dr. Brenner/"Papa" (Matthew Modine), but seeing as he was mauled by the Demogorgon, he's probably gone the same way as Barb.

New Cast Members

Two brand new cast members have been announced for Season 2, both of which appear in the image suggesting that they will both play a big role in the upcoming season. Sadie Silk (far right) will play Max, a tomboy with a difficult history and a suspicious streak — it is strongly speculated that she will be the 'MadMax' the sneak peek hints at. Dacre Montgomery is also visible to the far left, and will play Billy, Max's charismatic, violent, Camaro-driving older step-brother.

Now that Stranger Things Season 2 is fully in production, we can expect plenty more cast photos and juicy theories coming our way in the next few months. Season 1 aired July 15 2016, so we can probably expect a similar summer release date for 2017. In the mean time, stock up on those Eggos, kick back with The Clash and try to figure out that those mysterious episode titles could mean.


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