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We don't have long to wait until Stranger Things Season 2, which streams on Netflix on October 27th. The first season proved to be a massive hit, and fans are expecting the second to be every bit as exciting.

Although Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, was unable to attend this weekend's MCM Comic Con in London, she made a special recording, introducing some exclusive new footage from Season 2. Check it out below:

She's Back From The Upside Down

The good news is, this footage makes it clear Eleven won't be spending all her time in Season 2 stuck in the Upside-Down. It's a thrilling scene, showing Eleven seemingly shortly after the battle with the Demogorgon. Still at the school, she sees an open breach between our plane and the Upside-Down. She uses her telekinesis to open it, and collapses in exhaustion in the corridor.

As always with Stranger Things, the footage is chilling and atmospheric. The sound effects are sickening, giving a real sense that Eleven is tearing her way through organic matter. Visually, it looks like a birth scene.

The clip raises far more questions than it does answers. Eleven seems to have emerged from the Upside-Down pretty quickly — there's no sign of further wear and tear to her clothes, and her hair hasn't had time to grow. So where has Eleven been all this time? Or is it possible time doesn't work the same way in the Upside-Down? The short scene is sure to leave fans excitedly speculating, wondering just what will happen in Season 2.

We all thought that final trailer would be our last taste of Stranger Things before the series streams on . Instead, we've just been the perfect teaser clip. This short scene reminds us all just how eerie and atmospheric Stranger Things really is, while at the same time only muddying the waters when it comes to understanding the plot.

The only way we're going to get answers anytime soon is by settling down to watch Stranger Things Season 2 when it releases on October 27th.

Are you planning to binge-watch Stranger Things Season 2, or will you take your time? Let me know in the comments!


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