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Everybody stay calm. It's happening. The episode titles for Stranger Things Season 2 gracing our Netflix accounts next year, have been released. And with new information comes further speculation. There are so many questions following the season finale that fans are hellbent on finding answers for. With cryptic names such as these that could lead to even more compelling storylines, get ready to place your bets on what you think it all means.

Episode 1: 'Madmax'

Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road was the catalyst for her to shave her head for the role of Eleven. This leads us to think that the first episode could explain her whereabouts; whether she is alive, dead or stuck in The Upside Down. She really brought another dimension to the character and I hope they bring her back sooner rather than later.

Episode 2: 'The Boy Who Came Back To Life'

Will Byers
Will Byers

This reference has already been used to describe Will Byers after he went missing in the first season. The finale showed us that Will is still afflicted with what can only be assumed to be the alien spawn. This episode could lead us in many different directions — could Will be part monster, unable to transition back fully from The Upside Down, or not be living at all?

Episode 3: 'The Pumpkin Patch'

Hatchlings found in Season 1 finale
Hatchlings found in Season 1 finale

There are many different interpretations of this title — it could refer to the egg seen in The Upside Down and the idea that the ground becomes littered with balls of sprouting spawn. This could cause some major problems — more eggs means more monstrosities to massacre. It could be a code name given to the eggs or another theory similar to "The Flea and the Acrobat" in Season 1

However, If the release date is closer to Autumn next year, the storyline could simply signify any sinister goings on while the boys celebrate Halloween out in the streets of Hawkins. It may be time to break out the monster-hunting kit!

Episode 4: 'The Palace'

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Palaces usually house something important — perhaps it is time to find recently deceased Barb and get some justice. Nancy and our favorite pre-teen monster slayers could somehow dig a little deeper into the lab facility, leading them into the depths of the unexplainable. This could provide some closure for Nancy, as Barb's death was somewhat brushed over in the seventh episode of the first season. The palace could also be a term for the tree trunk in the woods that Nancy discovered last season — a drawbridge to the alternate universe and whatever colossus is living there.

Episode 5: 'The Storm'

A literal storm could add some drama to the episode and it is another opportunity to have unworldly goings on. I'm thinking of flashing lights and a wave of Demogorgons attacking in a blackout *shudders.* A metaphorical storm approaching could also give us our thriller fix. Could there now be multiple monsters just waiting for a gateway to open before abducting the residents of Hawkins?

Episode 6: 'The Pollywog'


An episode centered around a polliwog could refer to the "tadpoles" — the intrusive slug-like creatures living within Barb and Will. Using humans as hosts could provide a good explanation for them and could mean the town is in danger if more eggs hatch. The second definition could also entwine with the storyline as it stands — a new character could be introduced that is able to cross over to The Upside Down, or perhaps an original character that hasn't traversed before (such as Nancy or Jonathan) could find out what it is like for themselves.

Episode 7: 'The Secret Cabin'

This one is a little more difficult for us to decipher as it is so far along in the season. Perhaps this cabin could be the new equivalent to Will's "Castle Byers" where he, Mike, Lucas and Dustin begin to hatch a plan to take down more monsters. It could also provide a location for more incomprehensible happenings — perhaps some more monsters in the wall?

Episode 8: 'The Brain'

The flashbacks used in Season 1 to show Eleven being monitored with electrodes, could hold the secret to Season 2, Episode 7. It begs the question whether the lab could have transferred her ability into another human. We can only assume that before Eleven, there was one through ten. I hope this season could expand on that a little further. Maybe, if this theory is correct, it could push her to breaking point and convince her to take down Papa once and for all. It needs to be done!

Episode 9: The Lost Brother

Jonathan and Nancy
Jonathan and Nancy

This episode could reiterate the idea that Will Byers has changed and that he is not the same boy he once was. Otherwise, Mike and Jonathan may be in trouble as they are the only brothers left that we know of. Could the same thing that happened to Will happen to one of them? Building upon the idea given for "The Brain," Eleven's abilities could resurface in the form of a "brother" — one of the ten before her being held at the facility. If she is not to return this series, it would be an interesting fallback.

Wrapping Up

So there we have it — each episode name for series two. From eggs to altered lives, each title promises a rocky road for the residents of Hawkins no matter which avenue the writers chose to take. For the moment, we can only guess what the next installment has in store for us and we can only wait until the retro synth welcomes us back to Stranger Things.

Check out the tease for Stranger Things Season 2 below:

Are you looking forward to Season 2? Do you think this season will meet expectations following Season 1? Let us know in the comments.

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