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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things changed the game when it debuted on Netflix last summer to critical acclaim and now fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of the '80s set sci-fi drama. gave us a first look at Season 2 with an exclusive trailer during the Super Bowl and, judging from the trailer, things are set to get much worse for Joyce, Will, Mike, Hopper and the other town residents of Hawkins.

Although the trailer doesn't give very much away, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about what the storyline will be for Stranger Things Season 2. Moreover, the trailer revealed a terrifying new monster, confirming that the story is far from over.

As you can see for yourself, there is a lot of questions left unanswered. Is that really Eleven that we see? What's going on with Will and what the hell is that new monster? All pretty exciting stuff, the only disappointing part of the trailer is the release date for Season 2 — it's not out until Halloween.

However, something dawned on me as I watched the trailer — there is something that we may have all over looked. What if "Halloween" isn't just referring to the release date, what if it's the subtitle for the season? Could we be sitting down on October 31st to watch Stranger Things 2: Halloween? It's entirely possible that this season will adopt a subtitle and here's why.

The Halloween Lettering Is The Same Font As The 'Stranger Things' Logo

Is it actually "Stranger Things 2: Halloween"? [Credit: Netflix]
Is it actually "Stranger Things 2: Halloween"? [Credit: Netflix]

The primary reason why one could be forgiven for thinking that Halloween was actually part of the title is that it appears directly after the words "Stranger Things 2" in the exact same font. After viewing this trailer for the first time, I had assumed that 'Halloween' was a subtitle and I didn't realize it was actually the release date until I checked the reaction on social media.

The use of the Stranger Things font puzzled me — Netflix trailers usually use a standard black font to highlight the release dates for their programming, like the recent Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt trailer, so I guess that's why I assumed that "Halloween" was the subtitle.

Even though the show is set for release on October 31st, that doesn't necessarily render this theory useless — Stranger Things 2 could still be called "Halloween." Outside of American Horror Story, subtitles are going the way of the dodo, but then again Stranger Things is a period piece and subtitles were a common attribute of films and TV series back in the '80s.

A Subtitle Would Certainly Reflect The '80s Vibe

Nancy and Jonathan are back for "Stranger Things 2." [Credit: Netflix]
Nancy and Jonathan are back for "Stranger Things 2." [Credit: Netflix]

As I'm sure you noticed, Stranger Things is very reflective of the '80s in every way possible. From theme music to score to the fashion, the Netflix drama is as close to the '80s as you could get. Moreover, the 1980s were notorious for their blockbuster film franchises that would go on to spawn several sequels.

These sequels all have one thing in common — they have a subtitle. Examples include Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Gremlins 2: The New Batch — both of which are sequels to huge '80s films. If the Duffer Brothers want to replicate the time period as much as possible, then a subtitle would be the perfect way to do so.

Speaking of films, one of the most remarkable things about the first season of Stranger Things was that it didn't feel like a television series — it felt more like an eight hour movie. The Duffer Brothers recently confirmed that they hope Season 2 will feel the same. They also alluded to the fact that this second season is less of a second season and more of a "sequel" to the original eight hour film. What better way to make your 'sequel' series stand alone from the original than giving it a subtitle?

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'Stranger Things 2' Appears To Be Set During The Halloween Season

The boys ain't afraid of no ghosts. [Credit: Netflix]
The boys ain't afraid of no ghosts. [Credit: Netflix]

If you still aren't convinced that the new installment of Stranger Things will be subtitled "Halloween," then you might have trouble explaining this — several of the recent Season 2 images released by Netflix show Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will all dressed in Ghostbusters outfits. This would suggest that Stranger Things 2 is set during the Halloween period, furthering adding fuel to the subtitled fire.

Will Byers may have come back from The Upside Down but his terrifying tale is only just beginning, specifically because his period in the dark alternate dimension will have, no doubt, scarred him for life. With evidence to suggest that Will now has supernatural abilities, there's no telling what could happen in the second season — what better time to explore fear, terror and more monsters than Halloween?

We may have to wait until October 31st to find out, but there does seem to be evidence to suggest that Season 2 of Stranger Things will be subtitled 'Halloween'. In the fall of 1984, the story will continue and with the demogorgon gone, it's time to find out what other forms of darkness from the Upside Down have made their way to Hawkins. Subtitle or not, Stranger Things 2 is going to be amazing.

Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix on October 31st. Do you think Season 2 will be titled Stranger Things 2: Halloween? Tell me in the comment section below.


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