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We are only two months away from the second season of Stranger Things, the Netflix original show that swept the nation in the summer of 2016. After an epic teaser was released at San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer, things are looking great for us, but terrible for the people of Hawkins. Take a second to refresh your memory:

Now, some super cool character posters have been released online on the Stranger Things official Twitter page. With there being so many of them, the posters were split into separate tweets but the most interesting grouping gave us our first real look at some of the newest characters to the Stranger Things-verse. The tweet in question was the one that featured Eleven, alongside new characters Max and Billy, who looks like he just stepped out of The Lost Boys and into Stranger Things, right? Both Max and Billy are coming into the show with mysterious pasts and we're so looking forward to them being explored within the show.

The other intriguing thing coming out of this set of posters is Eleven, probably the most popular character on the show. What's most surprising though is the fact that now Eleven has a full head of hair. It's the most noticeable change for Eleven (and probably Millie Bobby Brown, who shaved her head for the role), but the new look is making her appear more mature than before.

The next tweet features posters for Will, Mike, and Joyce.

Last season, we didn't see much of Will, as for much of the season he was in the Upside Down. But now that he is back, it looks like not only will we see him more, but he will be a center-point in solving the mysteries of Hawkins.

The next few posters are for Dustin, Lucas, and Hopper.

Much like Will and Mike, Dustin and Lucas are getting used to the fact that they found what they found, as well as going about being regular kids. As for Hopper, at the end of Season 1, we saw him laying out Eggo waffles for someone, presumably Eleven who loved them. We can only assume that this year his character will continue to grow as he continues to solve the mysteries of Hawkins.

The final tweet features posters for Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan.

All three of these characters will have to deal with some sort of issue going into this season. Jonathan, while getting his brother back, will probably never fully have the brother he remembers back. Meanwhile Nancy will have to deal with losing her best friend Barb, while Steve tries to find his place within all of this.

Stranger Things Season 2 is set to be bigger than the first, especially since the tagline on these posters — "It only gets stranger..." — seems to be indicating that in a major way.

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