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Netflix's Stranger Things made its successful debut on Netflix last year, introducing the world to Hawkins's version of the Losers Club: Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and everyone's favorite superhero, Eleven. The Duffer Brothers' meticulous use of cozy '80s nostalgia — with heavy hints of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and John Carpenter — made the show a delightful watch.

However, for Season 2, the series may be taking inspiration from David Lynch and David Cronenberg, judging by a disorienting new teaser, titled "Nosebleed."

'Nosebleed' Fuels The Mystery Of Hawkins With Sunflowers, Rainbows And The Number 450

The most intriguing aspect of Stranger Things Season 1 was Eleven, who quickly created a bond with Mike, his friends, and the audience as well. That's why when she was pulled into the Upside Down while attempting to kill the Demogorgon, fans were left heartbroken. However, as Season 2 will be looking to bring her out of that hellish place, the title of this teaser is certainly a hint to the fans about her return, as it alludes to the nosebleed that Eleven suffers after exercising her powers.

Apart from Eleven's bleeding nose, this 44-second teaser consists of a surveillance room, experiments being conducted on Eleven, Dr. Brenner in a hallway, and newspaper snippets of the lawsuit that was filed against him by Terry Ives. As Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper's investigation (from Season 1) had hinted at Eleven being Terry's long-lost daughter, this sequence of clips might hint at the possibility that Season 2 will attempt to focus on that connection.

The trailer also emphasizes a visual combination of sunflowers, three arrows pointing to the right, four arrows pointing to the left, a rainbow and the number 450. Although the implication could be anything — from a set of directions for a secret place to a code that unleashes Eleven's potential in a Winter Soldier-esque way — the frequent pictures of a woman might have some meaning to do with it.

As the seemingly disconnected shots of a blonde-haired woman are followed by newspaper clippings that read "MKUltra" (Dr. Brenner's program), this could be Terry Ives, before or when she was pregnant. Considering how we know next to nothing regarding Eleven and her past, it'll be riveting to see what is the mystery behind her powers and if she has a familial relation with the now catatonic Terry Ives.

Despite being a few weeks away from release, it's a relief to see the Duffer Brothers keeping all their cards close to their chest and maintaining the sense of secrecy that Stranger Things deserves. In addition to that, as this teaser adds to 's interesting marketing through games, posters and trailers, we certainly can't wait to see what other mysteries the show has in store for us this Halloween.

Have you noticed any hidden details in the latest teaser for Stranger Things Season 2? Let me know in the comments.

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