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Hold onto your Eggos, guys! Just as you thought things couldn't be any stranger in the town of Hawkins, a new poster promoting Season 2 of Stranger Things has dropped online and it's absolutely mind-blowing. Not in a "let's crush coke cans with our minds" mind-blowing, but pretty spectacular nonetheless.

Take a closer look at the poster below for our best glimpse of the shadow monster yet:

Stranger Things [Credit: Netflix]
Stranger Things [Credit: Netflix]

While Eleven remains mysteriously absent, this poster confirms once again that the Upside Down will spill into our world in a big way, one which will be impossible to ignore for the residents of Hawkins. Other than that though, plot specifics beyond those we've seen in the trailer are yet to be revealed — what's key for now though is how Will will take centre stage, perhaps even with powers of his own.

To take a deeper dive into the town of Hawkins in 1984, check out a new teaser released by Netflix online:

The cast of Stranger Things may have been sworn to secrecy, but fortunately, have now confirmed that Season 2 will hit the streaming service a few days earlier than expected, premiering in full on October 27 instead of the original Halloween release date. This means that fans have to wait four days less to find out exactly how dark Season 2 will be, what's happened to Eleven, and whether anyone still cares about Barb.

Whatever happens though, be prepared to have your entire perception of forever turned upside down by the events that unfold in Season 2.

What do predict will happen in Season 2 of Stranger Things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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