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Without a doubt, Stranger Things was one of Netflix's biggest surprises last year. In a mere eight episodes, the series managed to shock, thrill and emotionally destroy us. But more than that, it launched the careers of all of its child stars while giving the incredible Winona Ryder a well-deserved chance to shine.

After making a first impression that monumental, it's clear to see why fans are so excited for the show's return next month, with Season 2 debuting on the streaming service on October 27. And to get us all even more excited, the show's official Twitter account has released a brand new poster for Season 2. Check it out below:

The brand new 'Stranger Things' poster. [Credit: Netflix]
The brand new 'Stranger Things' poster. [Credit: Netflix]

The poster reveals Will standing at the door of the Byers' household as the dreaded Shadow Monster appears in the red sky. Much like we've seen in the trailers, there seems to be a connection between Will and the terrifying beast. While we don't quite know what the relationship between the two of them is yet, the Comic-Con trailer suggests that the creature doesn't want to hurt Will, but that it does have evil intentions for everyone else. Thus, we have to wonder: Could Will end up inadvertently becoming the villain of Season 2?

There's an undeniable Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe to this poster. Will at the door looking out at the Shadow Monster in the sky is reminiscent of the scene from the iconic 1977 film in which young Barry Guiler opens the door to see aliens before him.

While this is only the latest in a string of Stranger Things posters that have paid tribute to legendary films that came before, it's the first one that alludes to major story points. But with Season 2 (and the Shadow Monster) on the horizon, we're left wondering: What does the Shadow Monster want with Will Byers?

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