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Actor Finn Wolfhard — like so many others in his profession — wants to direct, so he turned to his fans to help fund his directorial debut. The 14-year-old Stranger Things star is working up a Western-themed music video and managed to fund the whole project through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

“We need five or six thousand dollars for this music video to go smoothly and to look good,” he initially said of the project. He plans to take a song from the Orange County, California-based band Playdate and weave it around a coming-of-age love story that ends in a generational battle over the heart of a girl.

A Western of sorts set in modern day suburbia is where we meet Spike (14 years old), who sets out to save beautiful Emily (14 years old), from her abusive household. Their amazing night is only to be cut short by her horrible father. The duel to follow between boy and man will decide Emily’s fate once and for all.

Overwhelming Fan Support

“The song is a very western vibe,” Wolfhard explains. “(The video is) sort of like a western standoff sort of thing.” The would-be director managed to gather up more than 100 percent of his stated goal of $6500 in the first 72 hours. In exchange for funding his Playdate Project, he offered investors (depending on donation amount) a visit to set, a signed prop, or a Skype call with Wolfhard and co-director Josh Ovalle. There are still gifts left to claim and any extra money earned would go to enhance the production.

So far, his biggest contributor is French animator Noella Borie who donated $2000 to the effort.

As any independent director will tell you, every little bit helps, so the crowdfunding campaign will continue for a few more weeks. The video is set to film sometime next month. Visit Wolfhard’s Indiegogo campaign page if you want to be a part of the action. You can check out more music from Playdate on the Rad Cat Records YouTube Channel.

You can see Finn Wolfhard on the big screen as wiseguy Richie Tozier in the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT coming this fall. Stranger Things returns for a second season on Netflix in October.

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What do you hope to see Finn Wolfhard do with his directorial debut?


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