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Since the release of Stranger Things on Netflix earlier this summer, no doubt you've spent countless days re-binging, theorizing and gobbling up all the news surrounding its adorable cast members quicker than you can say Demogorgon — which, to be fair, isn't that fast. But how are you going to keep that hype alive as you settle down for the long run up to Season 2? By covering yourself in merchandise, obviously!

However, perusing every corner of the Upside Down (a.k.a the internet) for the perfect piece to show off just how much of a fan you truly are can be hard work. So, luckily, we've done that for you! Below you'll find a round-up of some of the coolest Stranger Things merchandise going — your new Barb bargain is but mere clicks away.

A Selection Of Top Tee's

What could be easier than brandishing your love for Netflix's smash hit across your chest as you go about your daily business? Not much, to be honest. Luckily a bunch of different designers have you covered — from clever nods to the Gorillaz "Demon Days" album to a cool old school baseball tee, they're all awesome!

[Credit: Etsy]
[Credit: Etsy]

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The Bling Ring

Want some bling you strange young thing? Then why not opt for one from the selection below — just pin an enamel Demogorgon on your lapel and you're good to go! Treat yourself!

[Credit: Etsy]
[Credit: Etsy]

Netflix And Chill

As the wise Chief Jim Hopper once said, mornings are for coffee and contemplation, so why not pour yourself a cup of jo in your new Stranger Things motto mug, light a waffle scented candle and admire some sweet prints? Sounds pretty ideal to me!

[Credit: Etsy]
[Credit: Etsy]

Check out the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 below:

Which Stranger Things goodie do you covet the most?


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