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Warning: As the headline for this article states, we're attempting to blow the curiosity door surrounding Stranger Things Season 2 right off its hinges here, so obviously, SPOILERS ahead!

With nods to Dungeons and Dragons, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and a bunch of other '80s icons, there's been plenty for us nerds to sink our gnashes into while binging on the summer's smash hit Stranger Things. And, with the chowing, came a ton of Stranger Things fan theories, because welcome to the internet.

Yep, despite Season 2 being a year away, that hasn't stopped you guys from stretching your brains to the far corners of the Upside Down to muse about what could be in store for us when returning to Hawkins, Indiana. Keep scrolling for a comprehensive roundup of:

The Most Popular Stranger Things Season 2 Theories

How Does The Upside Down Actually Work?

When we first encounter the Monster, we see nothing but empty blackness — could it be that the Upside Down begins to mirror our own, tangible world, after being touched by Eleven? And what's more, could the sluggish creatures spilling from Will's mouth in the last episode be using him as a vessel to spawn more monsters in our reality?

Check out the clip below for Mr. Clarke's explanation of alternate dimensions in the Stranger Things Season 1, Episode 5 clip below:

How Do We Return To The Upside Down?

Speaking of merging worlds, could it be that Will harbors the ability to step between dimensions? He was able to slip into the Upside Down and avoid the Demogorgon for a whole week, after all. The following theory would tie nicely into the Dungeons and Dragons theme of Season 1, and claims that Will could be a Planeswalker — someone able to traverse freely from plane to plane without restriction.

And this might not be the only power Will holds, as his fellow cast member Gaten Matarazzo, a.k.a Dustin, pointed out during a guest appearance on AMC's Geeking Out. Here he laid out a plausible tick list explaining why and how Will could be a secret psychic, which you can read below:

Will Eleven Become The Defender Of Reality?

The next question is: How would the portals to these alternate dimensions come to be in the first place? We see throughout S1 that El can use her special powers to enter different dimensions — it's how she accidentally opens the original portal in the first place — but could she harbor the energy to open a portal deliberately? If so, perhaps it becomes her job to protect our reality from its deadly parallels.

Or, On The Flip-Side, Maybe El And The Monster Are One And The Same?

via Netflix
via Netflix

A popular theory suggests that, when we first see Eleven and the Demogorgon in the same space, she has not ventured into an alternate reality but actually into herself — indicating that the Monster comes out of her own consciousness.

Whats With Eleven's Mom?

Well, there are two theories surrounding Eleven's mom and how her role could become bigger in Season 2 — unless it's been in front of us all along.

You may remember that episode 6 saw Joyce and Hopper visit Terry Ives, Eleven's mom, whom is now a vegetable thanks to MK Ultra's experiments and an unstable state of mind. But what if all was not what it seemed, as Redditor TholomewP suggests:

Or, perhaps Terry Ives physical state is hiding the darker forces of her tortured mind? YouTube user Planet Calvin describes how this could be the case in the disturbingly convincing theory below:

How Does Chief Jim Hopper Fit Into All Of This?

via Netflix
via Netflix

What happened to him during the month time lapse in the final episode of Season 1, and, more importantly, why is he the only one who seems to know that Eleven is still alive? David Harbour (who plays Hopper) himself has stated his character is more involved than we realize — but how? Is he investigating alternate realities in the hope of finding his daughter alive, or is he working with El to protect the civilians of Hawkins, Indiana from another imminent attack?

Do you have any big Stranger Things Season 2 theories? Sound out in the comments!